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Pop Art paintings

I am really into pop art and waiting to fill my flat with some of these fabulous paintings.

I especially like the ones of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson and the ones of the one and only Che Guevara.



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Bathroom Graffiti store

Bathroom Graffiti is one of my favorite stores to shop in when I go to France. I can walk around in this store for hours just looking at all the funny stuff they have. As clothes they have super amazing t-shirts, hoddies, and tops from the brand Rebel Cashmere which I think have super nice stuff at good prices. In addition they also have some other minor brands and I love that they sell the best flip-flops in the world(Havaianas!)

In this fab boutique you can find all kinds of stuff for both men, women and children. They have lots of nice deco for bathroom, kitchen and living areas. Its really trendy and lots of colors and they offer cool pop-art, hello kitty stuff and much more. It is a perfect place to find cool gifts for friends and family.







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