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Jonathan Adler & The Barbie Malibu Dream house

This American interior designer was born in 1966 and he is most known for his “happy” and “chic” approach to interior design and home furnishing.  His career really begun when he first sold his designs to Barneys in New York and a few years after that opened his first own store in Manhattan. Today Jonathan Adler is a known name within the interior design industry and he has participated in  many luxury residential projects as well as bigger commercial projects.

One of the more known projects Adler was involves in was in 2009 when he designed the Dream Malibu house for Barbies 50th birthday. This was a big project and the result turned out to be absolutely amazing. I mean, who would not want to live in this dreamy barbie house? Love it!


Barbie Malibu Dream House, designed by Jonathan Adler

Barbie Malibu Dream house, interior



Barbies closet

Pool table

Barbies bedroom


Picture from barbies 50th bday party in 2009

Jonathan Adler



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Alessi design

Alessi is an Italian company in the product design business and they do household goods in plastic and stainless steel. This brand is typically associated with high design products. It is a family company which was founded in 1921 and has then been handed over to newer generations of the family.  Today the company is categorized by 3 lines which are A di Alessi (products with lower prices), Alessi (the main collection) and finally Officina Alessi (limited editions).

Personally I find this brand really stylish and cool, in particular the stainless steel products. I recommend all of you to check out the website www.alessi.com.













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