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Amazing cosmetic products

I think I mentioned earlier that I don't use a lot of makeup during weekdays. Just mineral powder, bronzer and gloss. The above products are my absolute favorites and I don't travel without these products. The mineral powder from bareminerals is without doubt the best [...]

Jonathan Adler & The Barbie Malibu Dream house

This American interior designer was born in 1966 and he is most known for his "happy" and "chic" approach to interior design and home furnishing.  His career really begun when he first sold his designs to Barneys in New York and a few years after [...]

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Elizabeth Taylor (1932 – 2011)

Elizabeth Taylor is considered by so many people a true legend. She has made a huge impact in the film industry throughout her years as an actress which she by the way begun as a really young girl. She was also famous for being extraordinary [...]

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This blog presents posts, pictures, quotes related to some of my own passions such as fashion, design, cosmetics, art and more.

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