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Hot Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is great for so many different occasions. If you’r out shopping in the city, out for lunch or out clubbing. It’s easy to wear with jeans, trousers, skirt or even a nice dress. At the moment I am always using my beige one from Zara. However, the above ones are on my leather jacket top list.

The two beige ones are both from Burberry Prorsum and the black and the grey comes from Balenciaga.



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Obsession handbags

I am as many other women totally obsessed with handbags. Ever since the Balenciaga classic handbags came out on the market I have been completely in love with them. They are perfect to wear for a day in the city as well as during the evening for clubbing. The Coco Chanel bags were, are and will always be trendy, classic and hot and I love the classic flap bag in silver. Another designer who does amazing bags is Givenchy and my next bag I will get will be the beige one from the new collection. Love it!









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