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Take advantage of what life has to offer

Too many of us are afraid to take what we really want in life. If you have a dream or a vision of how you want your life to look like, I really do believe that this is something that everyone can do something about. It’s all about attitude, will and motivation. We all want a taste of everything great that life has to offer but many times we are to afraid, to anxious to just let go and do what our hearts tell us to do. It’s easier said that done, but everything you want can be yours, it’s just to stand up straight with your head high and grab what it its that you want from life.



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Art by Carolina Gynning

Carolina Gynning is a very known media icon in Sweden and she is also an amazing artist who paints these gorgeous paintings plus she has also launched a glass collection with the motives of her paintings. Additionally she is a writer, model, Tv-host and she has also launched her very own fragrance “Go-Girl”.

To me, her art is so inspirational and I think that every piece have a story which is sometimes both sad and happy. What I truly love is that you can really feel that the paintings have been painted by someone who really believes in what she is creating, and that the painter has her heart hundred percent into her work. Bravo!














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