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Philipp Plein designer

Philipp Plein is a fantastic German designer who designs clothing, shoes, bags, furniture and decoration. He begun his career in 1998 when he started to design exclusive furniture for friends and family and in 2004 he added a fashion collection to the brand.

I think his design is absolutely  amazing and I especially love the interior design and the decorative pieces such as the big skull in Swarovski stones seen above (which also exists in red!)



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Lauren Moshi clothing


Behind this popular brand are the brains of siblings Lauren and Michael who get their inspiration from high fashion and fine art. They make unique pieces and they only sell each one of them in a limited number and whats really cool is that each print on the clothing is hand drawn by Lauren herself.

Celebs are going absolutely crazy for these Lauren Moshi tops and loyal users are among others Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. The target market for this clothing line are the people who appreciate the finer details, good quality designs and maximum comfort.
















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