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House of Harlow 1960

House of Harlow 1060 was founded in 2008 by Nicole Richie and it is named after her first daughter Harlow. These fabulous pieces of jewelry was first sold at Kitson online shop in 2008, however today you can find them all over the internet. The style is absolutely amazing and you see so many celebs wearing them. The above pics presents some of my favorite pieces from House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line.










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Betsey Johnson dresses

Betsey Johnson is an American designer who is best known for her cute feminine, girly looking dresses. Today Betsey Johnson has over 45 stores worldwide. In 2004 she extended her brand and begun to launch hats, bags , shoes, swimwear and other accessories. I think many of her dresses are super cute but difficult to wear for many women  due to the fact that they are very girly. But if you are a girly girl these dresses will most probably look absolutely adorable. I am myself kind of girly so I would not mind at all to have some of the above dresses in my closet:). Betsey also designs lovely jewelry and her swimsuits are so adorable.



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